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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The images used on this website were found on the world wide web.

We are interested in using some of these images—without duct tape—should we receive a license to sell recordings from Dylan/Sony. If you believe you possess the copyright in any image used on this website, please notify us here identifying the image in question; the physical evidence you can produce to establish your exclusive copyright in the image in question; and contact information where we may reach you to discuss this further.

We believe the images on the “home” page and the “crate” pages are substantially transformed from the original copyrighted images and, therefore, constitute original works in their own right. In addition to their status as original works, we believe these images are protected from claims of copyright infringement under fair use as they articulate a statement of protest against the restrictive proprietary interpretation of copyright law asserted by the record industry and parody that interpretation by visually presenting Bob Dylan—an iconic figure noted for his outspoken protests against modern society’s many injustices and conceits—effectively gagged and silenced by this restrictive—and, in our opinion, erroneous—interpretation of copyright law. We’re always happy to talk but wish to make clear our intention to oppose any infringement claim based on the use of these images on these and broader First Amendment grounds.